Tunnel Tech




Complex ERP solution for wind tunnel management businesses

Product Designer


Tunnel Tech is a Russian–German company that provides a full cycle of wind tunnel construction for indoor skydiving businesses. It also offers an ERP system of the same name for managing the business.


  1. Redesign key screens in accrodance with the user stories for usability. Implement the design system.

  1. Create a promo page to market the ERP system as a standalone product.

System Dashboard

Main page and entry point into the system features.

Flight Schedule and Timeblock Management

Key screen of any booking system: 90% of time the administrator of the skydiving facility would use this screen.

Each timeblock have different properties (like length and availability) and entities attached to it: instructors, clients and their associated invoices.

Tariffs and Tariffs Editing

Prices (and therefore profitability) are set through these screens.

Invoices and Invoice Editing

Invoices are basic payment documents.

Booking Widget

Booking widget for the client side can be embedded right into the skydiving facility website.


Self-service kiosks can be installed inside the facility and can be used to provide additional services and sell addiitional goods (like photo prints).

Promo Site

Created to market the ERP system to potential clients.

Bonus: Hardware Design

As a side project I designed UI for a wind tunnel control knob. It is used to control the current time block, the speed of air flow and other parameters during the wind tunnel operation.


Anatoly Burov

Product Owner & CTO

Kirill Belyaev

Art DIrector

Daniel Verdugo

Product Designer