Nuanu Green App



A token reward app, promoting eco sustainability within the community

Principal Designer

Aug–Oct 2023

Nuanu Green is a proof-of-concept app designed to promote ecological sustainability within the Nuanu community. The app rewards users with eco tokens for their sustainable actions and contributions and lets them spend the tokens within the community.


Nuanu is a full-fledged community under construction, spanning 44 hectares in a beautiful untouched part of the Bali island, Indonesia. It consists of housing properties, commercial properties, parks and other public spaces, workspaces, sports areas, and more. The community focuses on creating a free and creative environment for anyone who wants to become a part of it. Nuanu serves as a venue for various public events, festivals, and more.


  1. Create a digital platform for Nuanu residents that encourages careful stewardship of the surrounding environment, rewards the most active participants, and provides them with additional voting rights in community governance.

  1. Provide festival organizers and local businesses with instruments to promote their activities within the community.

Research and CJM

Right at the beginning, it was decided to start the design process with the client side (a mobile app) in order to present the idea to the stakeholders and secure funding for the project.

A reference analysis was conducted and a detailed user journey map was created, highlighting key nodes and screens.

Visual References

Some visual references that reflect the eco-friendly theme with a focus on green color schemes and clean, modern typography were studied and added to the project references.

Home Screen

Competitive analysis of apps with similar user mechanics established that the primary influence on the user retention comes from quick and easy access to various ways to use the earned tokens. Therefore, it was decided to make the Home Screen in a form of a feed of all available Deals, Events and Voting Polls.

Event Pages

Each individual page displays specific details of the corresponding Event, Offer, or Voting Poll.

User Profile

The Profile displays all the User's token and cash balances, purchases history and earned NFTs. The appearance depends on the user's current level in the system: Free, Green Pass, Citizen, and Founder.


As part of the design process, a clickable prototype was created in Figma.


The project (a client side) was successfully pitched to stakeholders, but implementation was postponed due to the funding priorities. The project is on hold.


Alex Dvorkin

Product Owner

Daniel Verdugo

Principal Designer

Ayrat Gafiyatullin

Art Director